Song of the Day: “Is She The Reason?” by Destiny’s Child

Deep sh-…there’s nothing left to say

[Verse 1 (Beyonce)]
I Thought That This Was Something (Yes)
Promising That One Day
It Would Turn Into Something (Yes)
I Thought The Feelings Were Mutual
And I Didn’t Have To Guess
Started Being Skeptical
Always Unavailable
Like You Didn’t Know
But Now I’m Feeling Something (Yes)
It’s Telling Me This May Not Be The Real Something (Yes)
But You Was Showing Me
Now I’m Ready And You Running
Damn You Got Me Open Now
Feeling Like I’m Choking Now
Where Am I To Go?

[Pre-Chorus (Kelly)]
I Can’t
Believe That You Can’t Feel My Heart
And I Can’t
Believe You Let Me Fall So Hard
Stop Playing
How Could You Let It Go This Far?
If You Had Doubts That I Wasn’t The One
And You Said
That You’re The Type To Take It Slow
And You Said
Before I Step I’ll Let You Know
Stop Playing
Before You Let Me See You With Her
You Could Have Told Me A Change Was Going To Come

Is She The Reason You Don’t Call Like You Use To?
Fall Through My Hood Like You Use To
Or Put It On Me Hard Like You Use To Do
I Know In My Mind What’s Going On
But My Heart Won’t Let Me Go Until I Know
Is She The Reason That My Calls Couldn’t Reach You?
The Deepest Of My Love Couldn’t Please You
Or Bring It To Me Home Like You Use To Do
Seeing Her Falling For Your Charm
Got Me Feeling Like I Wasn’t Good Enough

[Verse 2 (Beyonce)]
See I Know We Not Official (No)
But Us Being Official Ain’t Never Been An Issue (No)
It Came Down To Us
Boy Remember We Were Different
We Said That We’d Talk
If We Ever Had Problems About Anything
I Was Cool With No Commitment (Wait)
Let Me Take That Back
It Was You, So I Was With It (See)
Guess I Didn’t Get
When You Showed You Didn’t Miss It
Now It Seems That Your Interest Ain’t Here
And We Ain’t The Same

[Pre-Chorus (Kelly)]


[Bridge Michelle]
All You Had To Say Was This Ain’t What You Want
I Wouldn’t Be So Hurt And I Could Just Move On
You Had Me Believing, Everything Was My Fault
But I Can See Now
It’s A Situation That I Must Let Go
Cause You Ain’t Going To Me A Man And Let Me Know
I Guess Me Seeing You With Her
Says It All

[Chorus Out]


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Song of the Day: “Tied Together With a Smile” by Taylor Swift

Deep stuff…

Seems the only one who doesn’t see your beauty
Is the face in the mirror looking back at you
You walk around here thinking you’re not pretty
But that’s not true, cause I know you…

Hold on, baby, you’re losing it
The water’s high, you’re jumping into it
And letting go… and no one knows
That you cry, but you don’t tell anyone
That you might not be the golden one
And you’re tied together with a smile
But you’re coming undone

I guess it’s true that love was all you wanted
Cause you’re giving it away like it’s extra change
Hoping it will end up in his pocket
But he leaves you out like a penny in the rain
Oh, cause it’s not his price to pay
Not his price to pay…

[Chorus x2]

You’re tied together with a smile
But you’re coming undone… oh
Goodbye, baby
With a smile, baby, baby

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Summer All Mapped Out…

Hola…wow this day has been pretty busy. Low-key, I can’t believe this is the last week of school!!! This year went by super fast….I still remember the first day of my junior year…dang! But I can’t wait to get out and have fun this summer!! I plan on doing so much…my first mission is to go to KNOTT’S!! I need a serious rush…lol. And low-key I might go to Tennessee with mi madre to go visit my aunt. I am low-key excited in a way. But yea…I have much more planned for the upcoming summer…my goal is to get my license beginning of senior year so I’m going to start working on that this summer.

But yea…there’s only 4 more days of school left!!

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Song of the Day: “Seasons” by Donald Lawerence

I feel seasons everywhere,
and I feel blessings in the air;
(those seeds that you’ve sown),
(you’re gonna come into your own, seasons),
walk into your seasons.

Verse 1:
I believe we’re in a time
when God’s gonna bless the saints,
those who have stayed, those who have prayed,
He’s gonna fulfill the promise He made;
for I heard the Spirit say, “it’s your time,
the wait is over, walk into your season”.

Verse 2:
I know that you’ve invested alot,
the return has been slow, you throw up your hands
and say I give up, I just can’t take it anymore;
but I hear the Spirit say, “that it’s your time
the wait it over, walk into your season”.


You’ve survived the worst of times,
God was always on your side;
stake your claim,
write your name,
walk into this holy place.
(I hear the Spirit saying, that it’s your time, the wait is over…)

Vamp 1:
The wait is over it’s your time.

Vamp 2:
The wait is over.

(I heard the Spirit say,
“that it’s your time,
the wait it over),

walk into your season.

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So far today is going well. I am just finishing up some last-minute weekend tasks before the game comes on lol. But I am so happy that this is our last week of school. I just need a BREAK!!! I have been working all year and I feel like I need some time to myself to just relax.

Anyways…I had a good time at church today. I was so happy because Jazmine came. I really appreciated her coming. the service was really good though. I was into it and my heart was heavy and when I heard the word, it just touched my spirit. Just remember that GOD IS THE ONLY WAY!!

But yea…I am about to come to a close so I can get back to my work. TTYL!!!

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Song of the Day: “What About Your Friends” by TLC

[Verse 1 (T-Boz):]

Every now and then I get a little crazy
That’s not the way it’s supposed to be
Sometimes my vision is a little hazy
I can’t tell who I should trust or just who I let trust me (yeah)

People try to say I act a little funny
But that’s just a figure of speech to me
They tell me I changed because I got money
But if you were there before then you’re still down with me

What about your friends
Will they stand their ground
Will they let you down again
What about your friends are they gonna be low down
Will they ever be around or will they turn their backs on you

[Rap (Left-Eye):]
Well is it me or can it be I’m a little too
Friendly so to speak hypothetically
Say I supply creativity to what others
Must take as a form of self-hate
Only to make an enemy
Which results in unfortunate destiny
They dog me out then be next to me
Just cause I am what some choose to envy

[Verse 2 (T-Boz):]
Every now and then I get a little easy
I let a lot of people depend on me
I never though they would ever deceive me
Don’t you know when times got rough I was standing on my own
I’ll never let another get that close to me
You see I’ve grown a lot smarter now
Sometimes you have to choose and then you’ll see
If your friends is true they’ll be there with you
Through the thick and thin


[Rap (Left-Eye):]


People say I act a little funny
I wouldn’t change not for no money
I’ll be a friend as long as you’re a friend to me (yeah, yeah)
Even though I might seem easy
It don’t give you no cause to deceive me
It’s not the way that I want my friends to ever be


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Irritated by “Phonies”

Hola…and Happy Saturday!!

I’m soooo glad it is the weekend because now I can rest my nerves get clear my head from all the chaos this week. I’m so tired….you don’t even know! But anyways…I’m so tired of all the “phonies” (for those of you who’ve read The Cather in the Rye) in my life. I get so tired of fake people who act a certain way one day and then another way the next day. It makes me soooo upset. I easily get annoyed so I don’t have no kind of patience for fakeness. It’s whatever but at the same time it’s like dang….people just aren’t who you thought they were. And then you have people who take you friendship for granted and always got their freakin hand out for something. That makes me soooo mad. You have to give a little to get a little. And in order to have a friend you have to know how to be a friend.  

I’m just so tired of everybody. You just don’t know. I was so heated and annoyed yesterday, I couldn’t even talk to anybody. But it just upsets me when people turn out to be the opposite of what you thought they were. But whatever. I’ll be soooo happy when school ends. I’m so counting down. I can’t wait until after Tuesday because that’s when finals start so I don’t have to see none of these m.f’s like that.

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Song of the Day: “I Wish I Wasn’t” by Heather Headley

I picked this song as my song of the day because I really love it and I was listening to it all morning. It really touches my heart when I hear it and I can relate to it at times like these.

[Verse 1]
I’m home alone again
And you’re out hangin with your friends
So you say
Somehow I know it’s not quite that way
It’s getting pretty late
And you haven’t checked on me all day
When I
called you didn’t answer
Now I’m feeling like your ignoring me
I wish that you were home
Holding me tight in your arms

And I wish I could go back
To the day before we met
And skip my regret

[Chorus:] I wish I wasn’t in love with you
So you couldn’t hurt me
it just ain’t fair the way you treat me
No you don’t
deserve me
Wasting my time thinking bout you when you ain’t never gon change
I wish I wasn’t in love with you so I
wouldn’t feel this way

[Verse 2]
When you touch me my heart melts
And everything you did wrong I forgive
So you play me and take advantage
Of the love
that I feel for you
Why you wanna hurt me so bad
I believed in you that’s why I’m so mad
Now I’m drowning in
And it’s hard for me to even look at you
And I wish that you were home
Holding me tight in your arms
I wish I could go back
To the day before we met
And skip my regret


Said you care about me
But from what I see
I ain’t feeling that
So I disagree
Gave you all my love
And understanding

And you’re treating me like your enemy
So leave me alone
Don’t want nothing from you
Just go back where you came from

This house is no longer your home
You are not welcome no no no more


Hear you knockin’ at the door again
I’m wonderin’ should I let you in
I open up the door and see
The flowers for me
So beautiful in your hand
Please stop begging me to take you back
I’ve always been a sucker for romance
And before you know
it I concede
You’re all over me
Oh no here I go again
I wish I wasn’t in love with you
So you couldn’t hurt me

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Friday Morning in Journalism

Hola…I’m currently in journalism getting everything done and turned in. I’m kind of sad because Ivy and Jazmine aren’t here but I’m making it. lol. Today is going to be kind of boring though because most of my friends aren’t here:( Luckily, I’m going to the mall after school to go shopping with mi madre:) I want to get some dresses for the summer and a romper. Yes, a romper…that’s the politically correct term for it.  

Anyway…I just hope this day goes by fast because I’m really tired. Oh yea and I had to wake up at 5:3o am because Ivy wasn’t going to be here today because she went to Grad Nite yesterday. But I was soooo out of it. Hopefully, I can stay up for the rest of the day.

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“Two Weeks Notice” by Fantasia

This is my last song of the night. I absolutely love it. It is a great analogy!!!! If “somebody” don’t get it together, I’m going to have a two week notice.

[Verse 1:]
The love that me and you shared expired
So there will be no renewing our contracts
And I aint got nothing since I’ve been hired
So I cant take you back
I done gave love and got no commission
So give me one reason why I should stay here
I thought compared to all the other guys you were different
But I cried the same old tears
I cant take it, I cant do it no

This is my two week notice
I resign my position because
You aint treating me right
I been working on the job
Just busting my ass
Pleasing you everyday and night
I get no raises or no benefits 
To stay with this establishment
I’m gone, this is my two weeks notice

[Verse 2:]
I’ll be a fool if I took u back boy
Even though I love u I cant be that dumb
Cause I can do bad all by myself
I don’t need no help
The days over and done
It’s even better off if I leave you now
Maybe you will recognize the good you have
Ain’t it ashame that u took advantage of me
And you should not be mad
I don’t want the job no more
She can have it


Packing up (and I walking out)
Aint no stressing u (cause its over)
Must be Gone (as we finished)
Because I did my best (now its ended)

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